The First Impression Nails the Sale

The First Impression Nails the Sale

When it comes to selling a property, the buyer often makes their decision within 60 seconds of stepping through the door. That is why it is critical that their first impression is a positive one, as this can nail the sale right from the outset. Most people enter a house through the hallway, and despite being such a small space, it can be decorated in an attractive way with the use of indoor plants.

Choosing Appropriate Plants

Of course, there is no point in adding plants if they don’t like the conditions in the entrance hall and refuse to flourish. By using a well-known plant identifier app, you can quickly scan all the plants at your local store. This will help you to find the plants that would be most suitable. The Planta app also has a helpful light meter, which will recommend the best plants for the enclosed space of your hallway, particularly if much of the area is in the shade.

Keeping Your Plants Alive

It is no good decorating your home with plants ready to help sell your property, and you then forget to look after them. An air of neglect will turn buyers away. By using the Planta app, you can set reminders as to when it is time to water or mist your plants. It can even be used to remind you to clean your plants. They can get surprisingly dusty, and a dirty house is not going to appeal to potential buyers.

Treating Plant Problems

With an upcoming move at the forefront of your mind, the last thing you need is to worry about diseased plants and how to treat them. The useful Dr. Planta feature on the app will help to quickly discover what is wrong with your plants and what the best course of action is.

This leaves you time to focus on the finer details of selling your property. By creating a favorable initial impression, you should have buyers desperate to buy your house. And, of course, when you move, you can take your healthy plants with you!

Automating Contracts in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry necessitates the use of a lot of paperwork and formal, legal processes. Unless a business is well organized, this is an aspect that can soon get out of hand. Trying to find a specific contract at a moment’s notice when dealing with a client can be somewhat challenging. The advances in technology mean that some of this paperwork is no longer necessary. The documentation can be stored in a cloud-based repository.

Starting the Process of Automation

It is unlikely that you will be able to do this by yourself and you will undoubtedly need some reliable contract management software from the renowned company of Precisely. They offer many solutions for the real estate industry, allowing you to cut costs and increase productivity. Storage of legal documents is often a problem and Precisely takes away this hassle, providing you with one central platform, which is fully searchable.

Using Templates for Real Estate Contracts

When it comes to real estate, the same contracts are typically used many times over. This usually necessitates endless copy and pasting, but this can inevitably lead to errors and inaccuracies. Thus, it is not an efficient process. With Precisely, you can learn how to automate contract creation, cutting down on time and mistakes. Even the process of signing contracts can be done electronically. Closing a lucrative deal has never been easier.

Never Forget a Deadline

Deadlines are a crucial component of the real estate industry. If you were to miss one, it could lead to devastating financial consequences. The Precisely tool allows you to set smart reminders to keep track of everything and issue alerts as necessary. You can be notified in advance when a contract is about to expire or if renegotiation is required.

Set up the Precisely system, and your real estate clients will no doubt be impressed with your speed, efficiency, and reliability.

Preparing Your Property for a Top Dollar Sale

Do you sell real estate property? If the answer is yes, then you’re perhaps in one of the best businesses under the sun, and I congratulate you for that. That’s because if done right, real estate brings money; call it moolah if you like. Tip; you need to prepare your property before the sale to collect top dollar from it. But what’s the elephant in the room? Well, how do you prepare, say, a house before sale? I will tell you how in the next section.

Furnish the house. By this, I mean equipping the home in a manner that is client-ready. And while there are clients who want to buy an empty house and furnish it themselves, there are those people who want a home with everything included. I like the latter category of clients because they allow the seller to maximize profits.

Furniture Covers

One of the ways of furnishing your house before selling is equipping it with some charming sofas. That alone may be the deciding factor on the client’s end. But just having good furniture in the house may not be enough. There is a way to make the sofas look even better. That’s the use of Ikea couch covers from Bemz. Why choose these covers? For one, Bemz is a giant in the world of interior design, so you can be sure that the covers you’re buying will be of very high quality. On top of quality, here are some reasons why you should choose Bemz Ikea sofa covers.

Machine washable: Not many sofa covers are as easy to maintain as Bemz’s.

Custom-made: You don’t have to worry about the size and shape of your furniture. Simply provide the measurements and other details of the cover you want, and Bemz will do all the dirty work.

Multiple colors: You choose the color you want, depending on the theme of your interior.

Now, forget about Bemz’s in-house designers; the store also works in tandem with Tim Dixon, Designers Guild, and Romo, among other famous designers. So, you’re not limited in terms of design choice.


Once you have furnished the house and covered the sofas with such high-quality covers, you will be in a powerful position to bargain with potential clients. This way, top dollar for your property is almost guaranteed.

Video Marketing of Your Home

No matter whether you actually want to sell your home yourself or if you are going to use a realtor, one of the most potent tools is video marketing. With all the resources that are now available, making these types of home marketing videos can easily be done by amateurs.

Finding the Right Resources

There are undoubtedly plenty of resources to help with the editing of the video once it is produced. A vital component of a really good video is the background music. This music can be very effective at creating different emotions, such as those that are usually evident with home buying or selling. Anyone selling their home will want to play on these emotions.

This means finding the right type of music for the home selling video. Fortunately, there are quality providers such as snapmuse that can provide royalty-free music. Just as important is that they provide quality music that can evoke different types of emotions. Some examples of emotion-stirring music that are available through this music provider are as follows:

  • Calming Music: When portraying what a house has to offer, it has to have a calming effect on the potential buyer. Calm music can stimulate this type of feeling. Proper staging of the house for the video can do the same thing. Making sure that the wall art is captured in the video will do this.
  • Music for Energy: Home sellers want potential buyers to be enthusiastic about what they are seeing. Using music that creates energy will help to stir up this emotion. However, a potential homebuyer needs to know they are ready for this type of investment.
  • Uplifting: Among the large selection of mood creating royalty-free options that are available through Snapmuse, there is also uplifting music. This may help the homebuyer feel good about considering the purchase of the house being promoted in the video. If it is a realtor who is producing this video, they also need to pay attention to the attire that they are wearing as this will also affect the moods of potential buyers. For lady realtors, they may want to have a business wardrobe that is different from what they wear in their leisure time.

The Advantages of Royalty-Free Music

Although a home selling video can be made with a small budget, if royalties had to be paid on the music used in it, then it would be costly. House selling can be a competitive market, and this means any marketing material for selling a home has to be at its very best. Strategically placing royalty-free clips of music in the right segments of the video can increase the possibility of a sale.

When choosing royalty-free music, the focus should also be put on the different genres as well as mood provoking choices.

How Real Estate Agents Can Look Their Best

Anyone dealing with the public has to be conscious of their appearance. For the guys, it is a little easier. The women have to go through a whole beauty regime each day before they step out the door. Lady, real estate agents have to focus on keeping themselves presentable throughout the day. Which means making sure their makeup is looking its best.

The Preliminaries

Before makeup can even be thought of, good skincare must be strongly considered. It provides the foundation for flawless makeup. There are all kinds of products that can give female realtors the resources they need. Some areas of the face demand extra attention. The eyes are one area, but the lips are very important. For this area, it requires an intense lip serum that can serve a couple of purposes.

The Requirements

When using a product designed for the lips like Verso Lip Serum, there are several important benefits that it can deliver. For the lady realtor, she needs to depend on products that are going to work quickly.

Correcting Lip Problems

Many potential problems can occur with the lips, and each of them needs to be attended to.

Small lips: This is a complaint that a lot of women have. They don’t have those beautiful plump lips that are so appealing. A product like Verso Lip Balm has Retinol 8 as one of its major ingredients. It has the ability to make the lips look plumper.

  • Dry Lips: The Retinol 8 is a Vitamin E complex stabilized. It has the ability to make dry lips appear more moist and soft looking.
  • Dark Spots: This is another problem that can appear with the lips. These spots can be camouflaged with lipstick, but it becomes noticeable as it wears off the spots. This is another corrective feature that can be relied on with the Verso Lip balm.
  • Fine Lines: Just as fine lines appear on other areas of the face, the same happens with the lips. This can make it difficult to get an even and uniform lipstick application. Applying the lip balm helps correct the fine lines while preventing them.

How Important Is Lip Care?

For ladies in real estate, this is extremely important. They spend a lot of time talking with clients. If there are flaws to the lips, they can grab the attention instead of what is being said. Lips that have problems also draw attention to the teeth. If there are any issues with the teeth’ appearance, then this can become more pronounced looking.

Another benefit of proper lip care means it can save time. The lady realtors don’t have to spend as much time trying to correct their makeup when they have a busy day ahead of them. Having beautiful and healthy-looking lips helps to build confidence in the lady real estate agent.

Using Wall Art to Increase Home Appeal

There are undoubtedly many different ways that a homeowner can increase their home appeal when they want to sell it. This can actually be done with all different types of accessories, and one of these that works very well is wall art. But only if it fits in with the home environment and is displayed correctly.

Different Types of Wall Art

One of the advantages of using wall art as an accessory to create appeal for selling the home is that there are so many different options. Wall art comes in many various forms. It can be expensive paintings, sculptures, or something less expensive and trendy, which is posters.

The Right Frames

Just as important as wall art is choosing the poster frames that are going to enhance the art itself. In order to do this, there are some steps to take when selecting the best one. Such as:

  • Size of the frame

Choose a frame that is about an inch bigger all the way around for the size of the poster. If the frame is too small, it will cover some of the print. On the other hand, if it is too large, it will overpower the print.

  • Style

Another option when it comes to the frames is that there are different styles. It should be a style that is not going to become the focal point but should enhance the poster and bring out its best characteristics.

  • Material

Frames that are used for posters are available in many different types of materials. The best one to choose is a material that fits in with the décor of the house. For example, wood would be an excellent choice for a rustic style home. Whereas aluminum would be great for the modern style home.

A simple collection of poster art that possesses the right frames can scale up the look of a room. This is a significant advantage when the homeowner wants to create a good impression when they are selling the home.

When Is It Right for You to Buy a Home?

Although the timing is crucial in a home buying process, it’s not the only thing you should factor in during your home hunting search. Your credit score, the current market rates, location, the season, and the economic factors are some of the issues to think about. However, determining that you’re now ready to own a home is a process.

Let’s take a closer look at some indicators that show you’re in a better position to get a new house.

Your Debts Are Under Control

Whether you’re taking out a mortgage or have sufficient savings, owning a home with loads of debts on your shoulders could worsen your financial situation. Evaluate your debts and ensure you have close to zero outstanding before you begin your house searching process. Without debts, you can repay your mortgage without straining or becoming stressed.

Check Your Credit Score

Regardless of how many times you’ve borrowed, your credit score report can hinder your home buying process. Don’t apply for the mortgage when your credit score is down or dwindling. Wait until it starts rising and then approach the financiers. Remember, most mortgage firms offer loans to prospects with credit scores going beyond 620.

Your Life Is Steady

When you get that mortgage, you commit most of your finances to the lender for periods going beyond 15 years up to 30. As such, you must have a promising career that won’t need changing and few financial commitments that could affect your repayment schedule.

You’ve Started a Family and Need Extra Space

As a bachelor, a one-bedroom apartment is enough for you. However, with a wife and a kid on the way, it’s your time to start planning how to move to a spacious home. Instead of renting extra space, find a mortgage loan, and enjoy a peaceful family life.


Easing your home buying procedure when not ready is essential. Wait until your career is stable, your credit score is high, you have few commitments, and you have no debts before starting the searching process.

4 Outfits Female Real Estate Agents Should Consider After Work

Working as a realtor requires you to be very keen on your dressing. Clients can judge you within seconds of meeting, depending on how you are dressed. Your appearance is crucial when at the office or doing field work. But of course, you have another life after the job. Should you continue wearing the same formal outfits to the gym, parties, and other social functions? To avoid the monotony of office wear, here are some suggestions to revamp your wardrobe as a realtor.


No pants could be more comfortable than leggings. You can wear them alone or under a short skirt. Sporty tights by are really cool. Anytime you are not closing house deals or doing the showings, put on the best leggings. You can have them for workouts, going out, or just chilling at home.


When it’s hot out, you have a perfect chance to flaunt another side of you besides being a realtor. For instance, when heading to the beach, some ribbed biker shorts would look good on you. You want something flexible when having fun at the shore.

Graphic Tees

Very simple and comfy, graphic t-shirts are a must have in a realtor’s wardrobe. While you might wear branded t-shirts at the office, you want to have different versions during your off days. Graphics are attractive whether it’s a witty text or humorous image on your back. You can distinguish yourself from the crowd while reflecting your personality with a graphic t-shirt.


Your real estate company probably doesn’t advocate miniskirts at work. But these incredible outfits that make you feel good as a woman. When going to a party, do not shy off revealing your beautiful legs. Forget a little about maintaining a professional look after work. When shopping, you have nothing to worry about bending over because there is no buyer around!

Using Accessories To Create Home Appeal

Whether you are a homeowner that just wants to spruce up their home, or if you are going to put it on the market for sale there is a lot that you can do with home accessories.

Type of Decor

A lot of people think that in order to show their home at its best that it means investing in a lot of lavish furniture and expensive items. Yet, a lot can be done with cheaper alternatives. Small items like quality collectibles that can be found through resources like Lladro can turn a dull looking room into something spectacular. It puts the finishing touches on a room and creates the type of environment that is enjoyable. For home sellers, it can create the right mood for prospective buyers. They see the potential that the room has even if they don’t have the same items to use if they were to buy the home.

Other Resources

For those who want to sell their house quickly, they soon learn that they have a lot of resources available to help them. Now with virtual selling of real estate its important to learn about virtual staging which means it has to have web appeal.

Learning Tips and Tricks

When it comes to selling the property a lot can be learned by others who have had success at selling their homes. Even though every home is different there are some basics that comes to selling property that are the same.

Everything Counts

The exterior of the home is just as important as the interior when it comes to home selling. Using outdoor accessories can provide the same benefits for creating an appealing look to the property.

Top Real Estate Listing Sites

With lots of real estate listing websites on the internet, any property owner or agent would be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing where to list their property. That said, there sites that have already established a good name for themselves and you may not need to think twice when it comes to making your selection. Some of those sites include:


Love Zillow or loathe it, but it is a site that really deserves to be on top irrespective of who is creating the list. Zillow occupies the hearts of millions of real estate sellers and buyers, not only in the United States, but in other parts of the world as well. The website has at least 100 million properties in listings, including properties for rent and sale.

This is a giant listing website where you can list your real estate property for sale or rent and sit back to wait for customers to come. If you want to buy or rent a property, it is still the go-to. The National Association of Realtors also use this site as their official listing platform. Like Zillow, is comprehensive in terms of listings, with up to tens of millions of properties.


Owned by Zillow, Trulia has a lot in common with its owner. Like its parent, the site aims to be a one-stop destination for those looking to sell or buy real estate properties. Unlike Zillow, however, Trulia has a stronger emphasis on community engagement and education.

It is one of the most visited listing sites out there, with at least 12 million home buyers. Compared to the previous three, is still a young and upcoming platform, but with over 4 million listed homes for sale, this site clearly deserves a place on this list.