Moving to Berlin

Moving to Berlin

The world is not as big as it used to be. At one time it took weeks to cross the Atlantic by boat, now we can do it in just a few hours. This means that not only can holidays be more exotic, the choice of where we live is also wide open.

Moving to another country

Moving to another country can be a scary time, but if you have a professional moving company to help you on your way, it takes a bit of the pressure off. Consider a move to Germany for example, then by choosing a moving company Berlin won’t seem so far away. Movon is a great company to choose for all of your moving needs. They specialise in international moving, and have local knowledge of so many places worldwide.

Online quotes

If you want to know how much it will cost to move to Berlin, check out the Movon website. There you can fill in all of your details and request a personalised quote. Quick, simple and stress free! By filling in your details, this tells all the local Movon approved moving companies everything you need, and you will then be contacted by them with really affordable quotes.

Why move to Berlin?

Berlin is a beautiful city with a rich and colorful history. The museums alone are worth a visit, but the nightlife is also second to none. In many places you can see evidence of the communist past, when the city was split East and West, but that is what is part of it’s appeal and charm, especially for historians and people who love to learn about the culture of others.

Additional costs

If you are moving for work then it is likely your company has already found you somewhere to live which makes it easy to arrange a moving company to Berlin. If you are still looking for a place to stay because you are moving for retirement or just for a change of scenery, then you can still get a quote to have an idea of costs, you just won’t be able to tell the moving company the exact address it is being delivered too. There may be additional costs if you are moving to an apartment on one of the higher floors of the bulding, particularly if the building is old and has no lift. This means extra work for the removal company staff. It is worth taking that into consideration if you are unsure where you are going to be living.