How Landlords Can Cut Property Energy Costs

How Landlords Can Cut Property Energy Costs

For most landlords, reducing expenses and maximizing profits is the ultimate goal. To achieve this goal, staying on budget is important. With monthly energy bills being one of the costly expenses that landlords and property managers have to deal with, finding the cheapest energy rates is just as vital. However, there are other strategies you can implement to reduce energy consumption on your property, besides taking advantage of decent rates. As a landlord or property manager, you may need to discuss with tenants about the importance of cutting energy consumption. Most of them will be open to the idea as, energy consumption tends to be in their (tenants) hands, in most cases.

Hire Professional HVAC Maintenance Services

As the HVAC system gets older, its energy consumption gets higher and higher. Having a professional check and maintain the unit could just be the best way to cut its energy consumption. A professional will carry out a thorough inspection of every part of the system, including air filters and ducts, to ensure it remains energy efficient.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

One of the worst mistakes tenants do is forgetting to switch off the HVAC system after use, leading to wastage of lots of energy. Installing a smart or programmable thermostat will help to prevent this problem as the system will go off automatically as programmed. This does not only help tenants to control energy consumption, but it is also a modern aspect that pulls tenants to your property.

Install Clotheslines for Air Drying

A standard clothes dryer consumes thousands of watts an hour; hence, it is important to scale down the equipment usage. Installing a clothesline to allow tenants air dry their clothes is a simple yet a great way of reducing dryer-related energy costs. Plus, it helps to extend the life of the dryer.

Fix Draughty Doors and Windows

Windows and doors are used on a daily basis, and as such, they are prone to wear and tear. Draft issues are one of the most common problems experienced with doors and windows. If the windows or doors are allowing air to escape through cracks, it would mean increased energy consumption, which puts a strain on the HVAC system. As a property owner or manager, it is important to conduct routine checks just to give your property a clean bill of health as far as draft issues are concerned.